Coordinate. Motivate. Collaborate.

Elevate your events with a rich, digitized event platform that engages employees with incentives, networking opportunities, and vendor support in a live, virtual, or hybrid setting.

Live Events Icon

Live Events

  • Accompany your live event with a custom branded app
  • Digital tools complement live experiences
  • Full suite of gamification features
Virtual Events Icon

Virtual Events

  • Networking opportunities
  • Live events and breakout sessions
  • Self-paced learning
  • Fully gamified experiences
  • Digital trade show
Hybrid Events Icon

Hybrid Events

  • Configurable to suit your needs
  • Engage your in-person and remote attendees seamlessly
  • Corresponding live and remote events and offerings for similar experiences anywhere

Why Go Virtual?

Cost Effective Icon

Cost Effective

Remove added travel, accommodations, meals, and entertainment costs. Reusable elements save costs and efforts for future events.

Expanded Audience Icon

Expanded Audience

Size, space, and time zone limitations aren’t an issue in a virtual environment.

User Engagement Icon

User Engagement

Use reporting on interactions, gamification, attendance, and contributions to gauge how attendees navigate and engage through the event.

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Digital Marketing

Spend less on physical copies of marketing and educational material.