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Remote Onboarding

Revolutionize your onboarding regime by increasing brand affinity and engaging your employees from day one! Skip the traditional checklist of courses to complete. Modern learners appreciate experiences that keep their focus and drive motivation.

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Create Brand Awareness

Tell your brand story in a fully personalized environment with your voice and vision. Onboarding employees can intuitively navigate the environment on a variety of devices. Each destination in your onboarding world houses the necessary information they need to become confident employees. Take away the stress of finding resources and add your flavour to every step of their journey.

Gamify Traditional Experiences Icon

Gamify Traditional Experiences

Redefine traditional onboarding by adding gamified experiences to increase attention and motivation. Terra guides onboarding experiences with the option to add missions, a points system with rewards, badges, and more. Creating fun positive reinforcements can develop more loyal brand ambassadors.

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Consistent & Effective Results

The final destination of the onboarding experience is an employee’s first steps in their role. While their journey on your onboarding Terra site may end, newcomers will continue to jump in. And so the cycle goes. By using Terra as an ongoing onboarding environment, you’ll ensure all employees get the same onboarding experience and content as their peers.

Virtual Showcase

Give your employees direct access to the experts so they can learn, ask questions, and explore the individuals and parties that make your organization what it is! Terra can be configured for a diverse range of events for your industry-specific needs.

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Ask the Experts

Fill your booths with qualified experts, from third-party vendors to corporate executives. Employees can intuitively navigate the booths as though they were really there with personalized booth designs created by yours truly.

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Reward Participation

Incentivize participating in your Virtual Showcase by gamifying the experience. Attach each booth with custom giveaways, reward participants with coins they can use in your online store, and more! Then track how much more engagement you’re getting from attendees on Terra with our reporting tools.

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Build Brand Awareness

Design your showcase with your unique brand voice and vision. Vendor showcases can be customized for each vendor, too. Each vendor booth can promote themselves through incentives to encourage brand advocacy.

Virtual Training Campaign

Set your employees on an innovative training journey that you can track, sequence, promote, and incentivize to create a custom curriculum experience they won’t forget. Gamifying training curriculums motivates employees to get what they need done… done!

Seasonal Showstoppers Icon

Seasonal Showstoppers

Lead a season-driven training campaign on Terra! Gearing up for the holidays? Have an exciting new product launch? Terra is fully configurable to tell your timely story exactly how you want it to be told. But don’t be fooled – Terra can fully support ongoing training campaigns, too!

Mission (I’m) Possible Icon

Mission (I’m) Possible

We’re the masters of gamifying without over-complicating. With intuitive navigation and clear instructions, guide your learners through missions to complete training, earn badges and points, and score high on the leaderboard. We have what it takes to motivate your team to learn and earn.

Curated Content Stories Icon

Curated Content Stories

Drive the narrative in your training environment and guide learners through your curated content in a more immersive world. Or go the simpler route and use Terra to organize your content without the personalization in an organized, accessible environment. Whatever your vision, Terra can turn it into your event reality.

Hybrid Event

Bring in-person and remote attendees together in a hybrid event. These events offer the unique ability to service both live and virtual experiences so everyone can benefit from your event, no matter where they are.

Accommodate All Attendees Icon

Accommodate All Attendees

Terra meets your attendees where they’re at with corresponding live and virtual events. This way, no matter where they’re participating from, they can get the same event takeaways. We help you consider how to deliver live experiences virtually and vice versa, so no one’s left out of the fun.

We Do the Heavy Lifting Icon

We Do the Heavy Lifting

Organizing a hybrid event can come with unique challenges. Terra is configurable to suit your specific needs and accommodate everyone on your guestlist. If you’ve put off hosting a hybrid event, rest assured our Terra team can help you navigate every step of the journey – from storyboarding to logistics to administration.