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The Process

Tell your story with Terra.

Every attendee is a main character in a Terra event. With a suite of collaboration and gamification features, Terra immerses attendees in your story and lets them be the leaders that bring it to life outside of the event, too.

As experts in digitized events, we work alongside you every step of the journey. Here’s how we help write your tale.

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Choose Your Own Adventure

Terra events can be configured to meet your exact needs, whether you are looking for a quick deployment of content or a fully personalized environment in another world. In order to see how your story will unfold, we set up an initial brainstorming session in which we learn about who you are and what the goal of your event is. This consultation helps us tailor a personalized experience for your unique brand identity.

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Creating Your Storyboard

One of the unique features of Terra is that we can create environments that defy reality. We work with you to go beyond your wildest imagination and show you the vast expanse of what’s possible when creating a simulated event experience. Whether it’s a pinball machine, a fantasy world, an action-packed comic book, or a galactic adventure on Mars, we can craft up a universe unlike anything that can be experienced in an in-person convention center.

If going beyond the known world isn’t in your agenda, no problem! Our platform still provides exceptional live, virtual, and hybrid capabilities no matter your vision. Whatever adventure you choose, we do the heavy lifting and identify exactly what you need.

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Thicken the Plot

A well-plotted story includes different supporting elements that come together to make the vision make sense. We work alongside you to choose the most important elements to include in your event and arrange all the logistics, including managing attendee invites, coordinating vendor booths, organizing the schedule, and choosing gamified experiences to drive engagement and incentivize attendees. Our coordinators are the experts and take care of every detail of your event to ensure it’s a flawless experience for everyone involved.

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We’re Your Supporting Characters

As an organization, we know business doesn’t stop when you’re planning an event. So, consider HALIGHT your very own live, virtual, or hybrid event planner! We handle all your approvals, plan user registration, and help them get set up before the launch. During the event, our team stays right by your side to provide live support, feedback, and any additional information to ensure the event is running smoothly.

With all the event logistics in our hands, you’re free to stay dedicated to your day-to-day business matters and be confident in being prepared on event day.

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Continuing the Saga

Just because it’s a happily ever after event doesn’t mean our story has concluded. When the event is over, we follow up with you to recap the event and open the floor for feedback so we can ensure every event that you plan with us accomplishes your goals. We also collect feedback from attendees and review metrics to measure against our initial objectives and see how we made a difference. We’re not just in the business to build events — we’re here to build a lasting relationship with you and continue to curate your iconic saga.

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